Mix Collection Fawn Necklace

Mix Collection Fawn Necklace


The Mix Collection necklaces feature the beautiful Antler tips and are finished with stones.  Each stone used has it's own unique symbolism making them perfect for gifts.

  • Fawn | Stone - Fossil
    Meaning - Communication, Motivation, Creativity, Direction and purpose  

Antler Tips: Shed antlers are said to be a sign of wisdom, courage and growth. Each time the deer shed their antlers, they have reached a new chapter in their life.  It is as if they have shed their past.  In many cultures finding antler sheds is a sign of luck and good fortune.

Each necklace is unique as all antlers are organically different.  To complement this uniqueness, the Mix collection are finished with gold filled chain to allow the piece to hang about 11" from the neck.

This collection highlights lighter, daintier components for a light luxurious feel.

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This necklace hangs ≈ 11” from the neck

Naturally shed antler tip

Antler tip approx 2”  

15" of gold chain

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