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10 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter!

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter!

The clocks have been turned back and the dark nights are here to stay for a while, winter is finally upon us.  We've enjoyed a reasonably warm and dry summer this year in England and of course as winter closes in there are things we will miss about summer, the warmth of the sun, the bright blue skies, the light nights, but that doesn't mean that there aren't reasons to look forward to the next season.  We've compiled our list of the top ten things we love about the winter season.

10. Cosy nights by the fire!

What could be better as the nights grow darker and the days grow colder than getting home and putting the fire on.  Curl up on your favourite chair, fire blazing, with a lovely throw to keep you warm and relax.  At Hampton Living we have a selection of throws to warm those cold winter evenings.

 L-R: Chain Print Throw, Polka Throw, Stonewashed Hand Dyed Linen Throw, Rikke Linen Throw Grey, Rikke Linen Throw Off White.  All available  here .

L-R: Chain Print Throw, Polka Throw, Stonewashed Hand Dyed Linen Throw, Rikke Linen Throw Grey, Rikke Linen Throw Off White.  All available here.

9.  Watching a good film! 

Why not. The nights are drawing in, it's cold outside, what could be better than curling up on the sofa in your pj's and watching a good film. And if you do go out why not a trip to the cinema, wrap up warm, get some popcorn and relax. That's what winter is for. 

Here at Hampton Living we will be going to the cinema to see:

'The Best Of Me' the latest film based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, tells the story of childhood sweethearts who meet again after twenty years.  Like Nicholas Sparks' books these films are always the best tales of romance and drama.

'Gone  Girl' based upon the bestseller by Gillian Flynn. A thriller about a wife who goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, this film is set to be this seasons biggest hit. 

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' the latest film in this series.  This series is already a huge hit and the next film promises to be just as big a hit.

And at home we will be curling up on the sofa with: 

'The Other Woman'  a film to get the girls round for. 

'Maleficent' Disney's new film, for the children of course!  

'X-Men Days of Future Past' for a blockbuster night. 

8. A warm drink!

From tea and coffee, to hot chocolate and mulled wine, a warm drink when you get in out of the cold is so satisfying.  

7. Winter warming food!

Out with the diet and in with the comfort food. Summer is over, layers will be worn it's time to enjoy your food again. Lovely hot roast dinners and fruit crumbles to warm you up on cold winter evening. Not forgetting the Christmas food to come, mince pies, Christmas pudding, turkey and cranberry sauce. 

6. Bonfire Night! 

Bonfire night is the second best holiday of the winter season, providing it stays dry of course and you can actually stand outside to see the fireworks.  Wrap up warm, pull on the wellies and head down to your local club, or park, where they are having bonfire night.  I know it's all about the amazing firework displays that are put on these days, but don't forget the other main attraction.  Grab your loved ones and huddle round the bonfire in the cool night air, sometimes it's more enjoyable than the fireworks.

5. Fashion!

Yes I know it's winter and you just want to be covered up and warm, but there is something to be said for winter fashion. Buying a good coat, and warm knit jumpers and cardi's. There are so many layers, that there is so much more choice when it comes to clothes.  Then you've got your party dresses for the festive season and here at Hampton Living there's nothing we love more than than a little black dress or a little red dress over the holidays. And that's before you even start on accessories, with hats, scarves and gloves there are so many layers and so much to buy, what could be bad about that! 

 We love this jumper by Iro available on netaporter.com

We love this jumper by Iro available on netaporter.com

 The perfect little red dress available at victoriabeckham.com

The perfect little red dress available at victoriabeckham.com

 Balenciaga gloves available at matchesfashion.com

Balenciaga gloves available at matchesfashion.com

4. Reading a good book!


Here at Hampton Living we are avid readers and always enjoy a good book, but somehow you always seem to have more time to read in the winter.  You are home and settled down earlier thanks to the dark nights, it's cold and miserable out so you're not sat outside in the garden until late evening, instead you are looking for something relaxing and enjoyable to do through the winter months.  A good book can transport you to a multitude of different places and you don't even have to leave your favourite chair.

This winter look out for:


Jodi Picoult - Leaving Time
Having loved Jodi's previous books we will definitely be delving into her latest offering and if you want to meet Jodi she is doing readings and meet and greets at Waterstones stores throughout November.

Marian Keyes - The Woman Who Stole My Life
Published on the 6th November Marian's latest novel is described as a heartwarming, funny, page turner.  It's a story about grasping at a new life in an attempt to find happiness.  Marian's writing is usually witty and entertaining and we can't wait to read her new title.


Nicholas Sparks - The Longest Ride
Having read all of Nicholas Sparks' novels we are always waiting for the next one to while away an afternoon to, the longest ride will be just that, a book you pick up one afternoon and don't put down until you've finished it.  Then you will be disappointed you finished it so quickly and not know what to read next.  Our advice if you haven't read Nicholas' novels, go back to the beginning and read them all.  We have never found a bad one, but still of course have some favourites. Dear John, The Best of Me, The Choice, Safe Haven and The Lucky One to name a few.

3. Snow! 

So long as we do actually get some and it's the proper thick white stuff, not just slush, then there is a world of fun to be had. Sledging, snowmen, snowball fights, it's all a great excuse to act like a child again. 

2. A winter walk! 

The  sun is at its lowest making for beautiful winter light on a crisp cold day. Wrap up warm, pile on the layers and enjoy the fresh air.  There are so few days in the winter when you get a beautiful crisp morning perfect for a walk, that when we do you have to make the most of it, it's that much more special.


The number one best thing about winter is of course Christmas. We have plenty of Christmas gift ideas for you in our online store and can have them delivered straight to your door, or the recipients, making your Christmas even easier. 

So get out the Christmas movies, from 'The Holiday' and 'Love Actually', to  'White Christmas' and 'Miracle on 34th Street' because you really can never see them too many times. 

Pour yourself a drink, grab a mince pie, because it's the holidays after all. 

And relax with your family!  

Where To Stay This Winter...

Where To Stay This Winter...

Welcome to Hampton Living!

Welcome to Hampton Living!