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The Apple Watch is Here!

The Apple Watch is Here!

Watch box

Apple have done it again!  They've produced a brand new product that you didn't know you needed, but within a day of using it you can't live without.  My Watch arrived this morning, to much excitement I have to admit, as I ran downstairs to greet the delivery man at 8.01am.  Not bad going for a product that is in serious demand and has huge waiting lists.  

Applewatch box

Then came the task of setting it up.  When I went in to try the watch on earlier this month, the guys at Apple said you could go in store for set up when you received your watch.  I had considered it, but at 8.01am on the morning of release day, there was no way I was waiting to get all the way down to the store before I had my watch on.  So out of the box it came.  

I was pleasantly suprised, hold your iPhone over your Apple Watch to pair and then follow the simple on screen instructions.  Fifteen minutes later, the watch was on with my apps and photos downloaded and ready for me to start playing.

I chose the 38mm case in the stainless Apple Watch, with Milanese Loop bracelet strap.

Shown here.

If you haven't ordered your watch yet, here is what you need to know about the models.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 23.29.04.png
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 23.29.53.png

Choosing your watch can seem complicated given the number of combinations available, but really there are only a few simple decisions to make.  

First pick between the three model ranges:

Apple Watch Sport - Aluminium casing with rubber strap, perfect for someone who wants to use the watch primarily for sport.

Apple Watch - Stainless Steel casing with a choice of sports strap, leather straps, or stainless strap.  Likely to be the most popular of the watches.

Apple Watch Edition - The exclusive Edition range isn't available in all stores and with the price tag starting at £8,000 you are not likely to see it on many wrists.

Second pick your size:

38mm or 42mm.  Not necessarily mens and womens as you would think.  Some men were buying the 38mm and some women the 42mm.  My advice try them on, it really does come down to what suits your wrist.  Suprisingly the larger watch can look good on a small wrist, so get down to an Apple store and try on both.

After these two decisions you will find that you have cut your options down and now only have to pick your favourite strap out of the ones available for your choices made above.


So once you have selected your perfect watch, ordered it and paired your iPhone you will see the screen opposite.

You are then moments away from your new life, where an Apple watch is something you wonder how you ever managed without.



The first thing I messed with was customising the face! Not essential but great fun.  There are so many options and so far I've tried two, or three of them out.  I particularly like the modular screen for day wear and one of the motion faces for evening, such as this flower one.  The modular face has six sections on it, which you can customise to show whatever suits you.  I have date, time, calendar, weather, activity monitor and battery life on mine at the moment.  The battery life is really for me to see how the battery lasts on the watch, as there has been much debate over whether it will be enough.  I used my watch more than normal today, as I was setting it up and learning about it etc., it also started out of the box on about 84% battery and had to run through the set up procedure.  The battery still managed to last the day, so I don't envisage any problems on a normal day.  Charging the watch each night isn't really a hassle as I plug my phone in when I go to bed every night anyway.  

Activity Monitor

With regard to use I have tried out some of the features, but not all of them yet.  I have set up and used the Activity monitor, which I have to say, does make you more concious of your activity levels.  It is something I'm sure I will use daily.  At the end of day one this is what my screen looked like.  A little more work needed tomorrow!  The steps and calories sections I had no problem with.  The exercise ring I only completed 22 of my 30 recommended minutes, but I will normally fill this ring easily.  The one that confused me a little was the blue ring that reminds you to stand up once every hour.  With meetings today I didn't complete the twelve hours, but it definitely makes you more concious of your activity levels and I will make sure that the blue ring is filled up tomorrow.


I have also tried the social media apps as with work I am on them a lot.  The watch definitely makes it easier to keep up with things and keep an eye on alerts.  It often saves you having to get your phone out of your bag.  Instagram and Twitter work particularly well with the watch.  

More apps are likely to update or be developed to work with the watch now that it is actually out and I am sure you will keep adding many features.

Email notifications are very handy, as rather then getting your phone out every two minutes to see if the alert is important or not, you can move the email to trash, read the email, or choose to get your phone out to instantly reply to the more important mail messages.

The text messages app works particularly well.  I did wonder how much you would use it to actually reply to messages, but with the options available it's suprisingly good.  You can dictate a message to Siri and then send it as a written text, or audio file.  You can send suggested quick replies that are already written out, or you can send one of the new moving emoticons.  


I am loving the Apple Watch so far and think it will become as popular as the other Apple products.  Follow our blog for more updates as we get to grips with more of the fun features on the watch.  Do you have an Apple Watch, let us know what you think in the coments box below!


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