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Our Favourite Film Homes!

Our Favourite Film Homes!

There really is nothing like the movies, the beautiful locations, the stories, the characters, the romance and of course the houses.  Some real, some sets, all beautiful dream houses.  Here is our countdown of the top ten...

10. Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith House

The classic American house for the classic American couple.  Well the house is classic American, the couple are secret assasins, so maybe not so classic.  The outside has lots of character and old fashioned charm, but the surprise is the more modern interiors.  Perfectly kept by the almost stepford wife, Angelina Jolie, until you find out her alter ego of course.

9. The Notebook

The Notebook house

Possibly the most romantic film home.  This is the one that Ryan Gosling's character redesigns, painting it white with blue shutters and those Southern American porches complete with a swinging bench.  It is the outside of this house that shines.  It has memories of long warm evenings sat outside on the porch with a long cold drink.  What could be more perfect!

8. Twilight - The Cullen's Home

The Cullens house
Twilight house

This is a modern architectural masterpiece that some of you will love and some of you will hate.  It's maybe not the house I would want to live in, firstly it's in the middle of the woods, secondly it's full of vampires and thirdly it is maybe a little too extreme with its design.  The floor to ceiling windows with incredible views and full height glass doors in the bedrooms are what gets it onto this list though.  The interior is filled with light and if we had a warmer climate you could see the appeal.

7. The Devil Wears Prada - Miranda's Manhattan Townhouse

Devil wears prada
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 22.25.47.png
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 22.27.07.png

You just knew this house was going to have to be good.  It's New York.  It's Miranda Priestly.  It's beautiful.  And who wouldn't want a townhouse in NYC!

6. The Holiday - Iris' Home

The Holiday house
Holiday Iris' house

This is the beautiful English countryside cottage with the smoke coming out of the chimmney as snow falls to the ground at Christmas.  This is all about the exterior.  Sadly it doesn't exist, it was an set built for the film.

5. Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride house

The classic American home, complete with white picket fence, from one of the classic American films.  The Banks family home is one that always looks good in the movies.  The family almost lose the house when they decide to sell after a lifetime in it, but the Banks family wouldn't be the Banks family in any other house.  

4. Revenge

grayson manor
Grayson manor
Emily's beach house

Ok so this one is actually TV not film, but it's houses are quite spectacular.  Grayson Manor, which unfortunately just got blown up, is, or was, the most beautiful Hamptons home.  Right on the beach, oozing luxury, the main lounge is probably my favourite room.  With its simple white chic design, highlighted with black oak frames and triple set of french doors framed with a large arched window, this is a beautifully elegant room.  Originally some scenes were shot in a real home, but now it's filmed on a set.  It doesn't actually end there, Emily's beach house is in true Hamptons style and Nolan's home is a modern and high tech beauty.  This programme is full of beautiful homes.


Honestly the final three were difficult to put in order, I would, in fact, live in any of them.  They are all equally beautiful in there own way.

3. It's Complicated

For me this is all about the kitchen and the garden, it could also have something to do with absolutely loving this film.  Given that Meryl Streep is a cook and owns a bakery in this flm you would expect the kitchen to be the heart of her home and it is just that.

It's complicated kitchen
It's complicated garden


2. The Holiday - Amanda's House

This is modern perfection.  Iris certainly gets the better end of the deal in this home swap for their holiday.  Kate Winslet get to try out this beautiful home.  The lounge, the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen it is all perfectly designed to within an inch of it's life.  I would certainly make it my home anyday.  The exterior of the home is actually a real Californian house.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 22.29.54.png
The holiday
The holiday lounge


1. Somethings Gotta Give

This is THE Hamptons beach house!  The one I want to live in, forever.  I have seen this film so many times and I'm still mesmerised by the house every time I see it.  The good news is the exterior actually exists in Long Island, sadly the interior was a set, but it was one of the best sets ever built!  My favourite rooms are Erica's bedroom, her writing nook and the kitchen.

Somethings gotta give house
Somethings gotta give kitchen
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 23.16.25.png
Somethings gotta give lounge

Let us know your favourite film, or TV, homes below...

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